Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Where does the time go?

Wherever the time goes, it hasn't been spent building much over the past few weeks.

With guests a plenty and work to distract us the build has been sorely neglected.

However, we've got a few things done and have been having some fun.

Here's Sam attempting to 'herd' the ducks towards the pond on their first free range outing.
Needless to say, he was unsuccessful.

The chickens are also greatly enjoying free ranging now and are looking really lively and healthy - and producing plenty of gorgeous eggs.

Despite neglecting the tunnel a wee bit we've got plenty of veg - still dwarf beans, the last polytunnel peas (with outdoor peas now starting), broccoli, cabbage, courgettes, salad onions etc

Here's one of our tunnel sunflowers.

Here's some marigolfd from the tunnel (they entice the bees in).

Here's a potimarron winter squash.

Inside the house we have managed to do first fix electrics and plumbing, so we've lots of wires hanging from the ceiling.

We've also been preparing for insulating the ceiling under the roof. Here are the hardboard sheets we (very painstakingly) put up. That took us a lot longer than we anticipated. I think if it wasn't for Test Match Special Sam might not have made it through the job in one piece (it's tricky wielding hardboard over your head .. esp when the helper (me) is undersized for the job).

The squash have been trying to take over the universe. I'm still regularly filling wheelbarrows with squashy tendrills that overtake the paths in the tunnel.

Here's some of that veg I was talking about earlier.

Hopefully, I'll have a bit more to report soon. There are rumours of a working toilet soon. Now that will be well appreciated!