Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The kitchen

I bought this teapot in January 2010 .. and its been waiting to get into our new kitchen ever since, patiently stored up at my aunts. I'm pleased to say that now its in daily use in our fabulous new bright and shiny kitchen.

Now I haven't posted for a while, but I have been taking photos, so here's the short but sweet photo story of 'the kitchen'

I think I'd posted up to this point, where the cabinets were going in - that must have been back in November. We still had the faithful wood pile in the middle of the dining area and had great fun moving it, before being able to use some of it for the flooring.

Here's the bright and shiny worktops.

Here's the start of the floor being laid.

Sam and worktop ready for action.

Now we're getting close to finishing - the cooker is in, the sink is in and Sam is finishing off the doors to the cabinets.

Here was the cardboard floor phase - when the had the wooden floor down, but not yet oiled.

Our first dinner cooked in the new kitchen - a moment I'd been imagining and looking forward to for a very long time.

So, here's the finished item - kitchen diner - all new and lovely .. and maybe a bit sparse - but just wait until we get all our stuff down!

Here's a close up of the kitchen.

Our fabulous double Belfast sink - great for when there are dishes and vegetables that need washing.

The dining area - with a great view down the field. We get loads of sun through the windows in the daytime in winter .. when the sun is kind enough to shine!

Here's the other end, with the stove and sofa. When the door is open like that the illusion of being in a finished space is shattered - it felt like being on a film set at first, but now, I hardly notice.

Here's the other opening to the hall (we aren't putting a door here) and to the reminder of what is left to do.

As we finished the kitchen just before Christmas, we celebrated by putting up a wee tree and some decorations. We were in just before Christmas eve .. and spent the rest of the holidays in recovery from all our exertions - but it was well worth it. Christmas dinner, in our own home, made in our lovely kitchen with a lovely fire and a comfy sofa to sit on - pure bliss.

I wonder what the space will look like THIS christmas, once we're really settled and have all our belongings here?