Saturday, 17 September 2011

September update

We're been making steady progress here on the build over the past few weeks. Apologies for not getting posting more frequently - the time just seems to fly by.

I've FINALLY finished oiling the upstairs ceilings and I'm now finishing the dry lining upstairs (see side pic) and painting the walls.

Sam has still been tiling away .. in the downstairs bathroom ....

and the upstairs bathroom .....

Here's our handywork in the office .. which may just become slightly greener in shade.

 The rest of the flooring has been laid in the master bedroom.

Our supervisor, Leo,  was caught in the act taking a 'power' nap in this photo - yes, he is cuddling a battery from a power drill, silly fella.

Of course, the garden has still been growing .. and I've had a few moments to venture out and collect some produce and seeds.

The garden is still flowering really well actually - there are always butterflies and bees buzzing around.

As usual, the red orache makes a great show.

There hasn't been much going on at the polytunnel (apart from having to retrench the end after the high winds  - the end had untrenched itself and was flapping ... but all is well again and re-trenched now). I did get a couple of loads of mushroom compost - some fresh and some rotted, so I'm using the fresh as an under layer - on top of cardboard - and will use the rotted stuff to make my raised beds. 

The Brussels sprouts are shaping up nicely in the veg beds outside.

And, the sunflowers are still amazing me with their large heads brimming with seeds.

Just now, the bath came out of storage and has been put in position ... very exciting.

I'll endeavor to post again sooner rather than later - as things here are changing on a daily basis.

Have started some seeds in modules in the hope of getting them in the tunnel to overwinter and I have some starting in the old tomato bags in the greenhouse. Ah, there's never a dull moment here.