Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Midsummer check in and greetings

Midsummer greetings everyone. It's been far too long since my last post and there has been LOTS going on.

So, here's a quick catch up.

Firstly, are the roses in the hedge - gorgeous.

Here's the field full of buttercups and grasses.

Hopefully, the meadowsweet will have time to bloom before the first cut.

The iris in the reedbed are looking lovely.

The peas are flowering.

I love the purple flowered pea bijou.

Even the potatoes are flowering.

Shallots are ready.

Sweetcorn are in.

Crops AND weeds are flourinshing.

The reedbed has had its controversial overhaul and extension. Here it is prior to last weeks extension.

Heres the pond we dug - for the ducks - after the reedbed and willow bed.

Heres the extended reedbed and the willowbed, being planted with the willows we had further down the field. Boy was digging that ground an adventure - I'm glad my crops are no dig!

Inside, we're getting on with second fix electrics.

Outside the electricity trench is now READY.

Here's Sam using the bend as a giant crumhorn .. as you do.

Here's the utility room taking shape.

The taping and jointing is going at a pace upstairs.

So, good progress has been made by the longest day - we hope to be well settled into the house by the shortest day.

Hopefully, blogging will return to a more frequent pace once the electricity is connected .. sometime in July, we hope.

Happy summer solstice everyone :-)