Saturday, 31 January 2009

Weather .. and groundworks week 2

What a difference the weather makes. We seemed to make great progress this week and I'm sure that the glorious weather from Monday until Wednesday helped. It certainly raised our spirits.
When I stop to think, it amazes me just how much of a difference a bit of sunshine makes to everything. The landscape takes on a new dimension, the treetops glistening, the soft colours intensifying. Even being in the caravan was more fun again (well it can be a bit challenging in the cold weather) and everything seemed more homely somehow.
Anyway, the lads did a great job of the groundworks. Here is the progress.

Our new boundary has been tidied up.

The sides of the drive are being landscaped.Best of all, we have our main area for the house / garage / driveway stoned and the area for the house is specially prepared with stone to be ready for the scanhome team to come and pour the concrete next week.
Here's the view from the road.

Also, in a moment of sheer inspiration I got the lads to spare us some stone and lay it as a path up to the caravan from the new drive - that will save us from the mudfest that has been growing outside the caravan door.
For enatertainment this week, Sam has mainly been playing the mandolin.
Poor Sally (the dog) is a bit pahsed by the mud, but is much happier now that there's a path up to the caravan. We're hoping that the wet weather at the end of this week won't have done any harm and that it proves fair again for the scanhome team next week. Once they have been we can once more see exactly where the house is going to be and I can go back to my favourite pastime of sitting in the different 'rooms' and imagining what the views will be like from the windows. Then, in early March, the erection crew come, the house comes and then I'll get to look out the windows for real!

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