Monday, 11 May 2009

tunnels, compost and insulation

Where does the time go? (Snoozing if you ask Sally and Elvie - caught taking a little nap .... they do a lot of that actually) 

Been a while since I posted - sorry.

So what's been going on?

We have managed to build the compost heap (from spare pallets) which is great - but I need a path down to it is it is now severely muddy after last week's rain.

There is also work going on inside the house. We're putting up the 'passive upgrade' i.e. insulation in the inside off the walls - rockwool bats. Leo the cat approves of rockwool and has taken to sitting on it at every given opportunity ( when not napping elsewhere or torturing local rodents).

Our mushroom compost has arrived and I've been rotivating it into the ground in the polytunnel area (well I was until the rains came and made everything too soggy to even walk on). Hopefully things will dry up a bit again.

Here is the polytunnel area rotivated pre rains.

It has been fiercely windy last week (rocking us gently in the caravan!) Luckily, Elvie seems blissfully unaware of this.

Fingers crossed the tunnel might get up this week. Sam has been great (and is now feeling better) and made me a mini tunnel for now and within two days the seedlings are looking happier and straighter.

I've also been experimenting with mini mounds for growing -  more on this next time along with exciting pictures of insulation going in!

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