Thursday, 18 March 2010

A new project

Well, the bad news is that it looks like we'll be waiting another 6 - 8 weeks before we will know if our planning issues are resolved and can see when we'll be able to get back to the build.

As the main growing season is fast approaching the thought of not being able to get sowing and growing is driving me up the wall.

So, for some distraction that gets me out into the garden - and gives the chickens some entertainment - I'm 'renovating' some borders for my aunt. She does like things wild, but even she admits that things have got a bit out of hand. Time for me to step in and make some sense out of the chaos.

Here is the longest border. The big shrub is a St. John's Wort - but it's days are numbered .. as she isn't keen on yellow flowers and it is getting a bit too big. The grass has spilled out over the border onto the drive and needs some 'tlc'.

Opposite the previous border is the front of the house, which gets great sun and is quite sheltered. Again the grass has encroached onto the drive and needs taming. There are also lots of brambles lurking and a few ash and sycamore saplings trying to assert themselves.

Here, below the front door there are a couple of lovely old scented roses - maybe dog rose and there was once a rosemary. A lot was cut back a couple of weeks ago.

Here, above the front door, I actually 'renovated' this bed in 2007 and had some strawberries and garlic in it that summer, but nature has reclaimed it since then. It gets the best sun, so I'll raise the border, put in some grit for drainage and try some lavender, rosemary and mediterranean herbs here I think.

To show I'm not all mouth, here were are after an hour and a half of 'weeding'. Hmm, it may take a while. Didn't do any today as it's been quite rainy (about time too, haven't had rain for weeks now) but will resume next week. Watch this space for future progress.

Of course, I have a few wee things growing inside - these saladlings need transplanting. I'm hardening them off and will put them in planters outside. I have some other things coming along also - will take pics for the next blog.

Hopefully, such distractions will tide me over and help me stay sane over the next few weeks. Fingers and toes are crossed that we can actually get back to the build before the summer comes.

As we're not on site much I've resigned myself to the fact that the kitchen garden is on hold until we're building again. Ditto the tunnel planting. I have to keep the doors closed (in case of high winds) when we aren't there and I think it's unfair to start anything off in case we get some more sunny weather and they all fry. So, patience is a virtue that I'd better just keep cultivating (but I'd rather be cultivating my veg!)

As I keep reminding myself, we'll have YEARS where I can play with my vegetables all year round and have fun creating and maintaining my garden.

For now, I might go sow a few more seeds - just in case we get back soon.


  1. Hi Ferris~~ I wrote "Jay" on my email reply as I'm sure you're aware. My apologies for the blunder.

    This project looks like one that will reap major eye candy rewards with it situated next to a building and by a door. I hope your progress helps with the uncertainty of your other projects.

  2. Thanks Grace.

    Being out in a garden and being creative - even if it isn't in my own garden - always gives me a buzz, so is a great antidote to the build hold ups. Hopefully the results will be good too. Like you said, being right beside the house - and the front door - means it will have big impact. Can't wait to really get going with it.

    P.S. Just sent you an email letting you know where my blog is, but I see you sniffed it out yourself.


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