Sunday, 13 February 2011


Where does the time go?

The past couple of weeks have been quite hectic, with organizing our return to the build, site visits and work and family commitments.

Haven't had a chance to blog - or even read any of my friends blogs, but thats how it goes sometimes.

Luckily, I get a bit of quiet time today and normal blogging shall resume shortly. (I really do appreciate having quiet time, I realize that more when things have been hectic).

There is plenty going on - trying to sort out the cost of the changes to the reedbed system that the planners have as condition to our retention being granted (I'm still waiting for the quote to come in ... the guy who designed our system is most unimpressed and says that the changes won't really do much ... I just hope they won't cost much! It feels harsh to be paying out now, when our spec was fine to begin with - but - we need to get back to the build, so I'll hold my desire to appeal or demand that the planners pay the cost).

Of course, there are seeds sown, more waiting to be sown and garden plans in progress. All shall be updated shortly.

We can officially get building again after the 26th February, when the final grant is official (they need a month for people to comment etc), so we're gearing up for that!


  1. Nice to see you back Ferris. It does seem that you've been through the ringer with all of this bureaucratic run around. I'm picturing and sending warm thoughts of a summer garden in your new home.

  2. Thanks Grace - I'll second those warm thoughts of a summer garden .. and fingers crossed I'll be there to take pictures of it when summer time comes :-)

  3. Great news--very happy for you! It must be so exciting to be getting back to how things should be. I think we all go through busy times: I'm going through a pretty busy time now! I like having quiet time to reflect and keep up with blogs, too. :)

  4. Thanks Mrs J. Must admit that it's nice to be back to the blog and catching up on everyone's posts.

  5. I hope things go better this time around!

  6. Roll on 26th february, I hope there are no last minute hitches. Happy seed sowing!


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