Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Going with the flow

This may not look too exciting, but we've been waiting for this moment for a long time now. We finally have running water :-)

It really feels very exciting .. to turn on a tap, rather than just using jugs!

We finally got the necessary water treatment filters fitted, last Friday, so now our water is EU drinking quality standard. We had a LOT of manganese and iron and some bacteria, so we did need it. Also, our water is very hard, which wouldn't be good for the aerating taps.

Here's our water treatment system - which we managed to shoehorn into the shed.

The blue cylinder is the 'mixed bed' filtration for iron, manganese and water softening.

This is the Ultra Violet light to kill any bacteria.

This unit contains salt and some water and is used to wash out the mixed bed filter.

There are the salt tablets, in water.

It's strange having soft water now. Very good for washing as it lathers easily, but not so nice to drink. I may put in a re-mineralization filter under the sink, with a separate tap for drinking water, so I can drink alkaline (hard) water. Seems silly, but I am 70% percent water and I do drink a lot of water, so, for me, it's worth it.

Prior to that excitement, I've STILL been oiling and Sam has been busy tiling the bathrooms (after we sourced some fab cheap tiles when we couldn't get more of the tiles we bought back in 2009, we looked for ages and it held us up a while, but now we're all set).

Here's himself in full flow.

This is the floor in the downstairs bathroom.

Here's Sam working on the upstairs bathroom floor.

Nearly done ...

All done ...

and approved by myself.

Sam's also painted the walk in wardrobe (which is bigger than my first home from home).

and laid the wooden flooring in it,

which I have also given my seal of approval.

Next up, is tiling the bathroom walls, so we can get the sinks and toilets plumbed in, trying some on oil the wardrobe floor and more dry lining and painting. I've also just started getting back into the garden (just picked the last broad beans and some onions) and may even plant a few bits in the tunnel soon. It's even possible that I'll finish oiling the upstairs ceiling soon.


  1. Yaaayyy for all the progress! Everything looks so nice and fresh. I love the smell of new construction (weird - I know), but it truly inspires me to keep going until it's all done. The wood floors look amazing!

  2. Thanks Claud - I love that fresh wood smell that we get every time we walk through the front door, funny the things that spur us on. I hope all your projects are going well. I miss checking in on my friends blogs - and posting more regularly on my own, but even with electricity, time seems to fly by leaving very little computer time. I look forward to having more 'blog' catch up time soon. XX

  3. Makes bloody good tea too that water! ;)

  4. One of Man's greatest achievements - indoor plumbing with running water on demand! LOL!


  5. Thanks all :-)

    Yes mouse, you were the first to sample it, brave lady ;-)

    John - it does make life SO much easier - the joy of modern conveniences is mighty. I'm all for the simple life, but do appreciate my creature comforts (although I'm not too fussed on flushing toilets - more wasteful of resources than composting toilets .. but most of the world isn't with me on that one yet .. and anyway, the reed bed system prevents pollution / wastage.)

  6. Hey ho, well done you two. Everything coming on fab!


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