Friday, 14 October 2011

On my mind .. the kitchen

This may not look like a kitchen yet - to the untrained eye it may seem like empty space - but to me ... its our kitchen in the making, tantalizingly close .. the hub of the home, ready to take shape over the next week. The excitement of the closeness of it all is a great feeling. I'm so ready for it!

'On my mind' is a Friday picture post shared from the Down to Earth blog by the lovely Rhonda Jean.


  1. Looking good Ferris - well done!

  2. OH HOW EXCITING!!!! I'm sure you are waiting on pins and needles to have it completed - I know I would be!

  3. Thanks John and Becky.

    It will be great to watch it all take shape .. although I have a feeling I'll be 'doing' as well as watching. Those walls don't dry line and paint themselves! I'll post pics as we make progress.


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