Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Arrgh! The best laid plans ...

(Looks like Sally might be waiting a while before she gets to be meeter and greeter for the erection crew!)

Yesl, so much for 'one week to go' nerves.

I happened to ring Scanhome to check something - asking if the team needed running water next week - when I heard a pause, then a "next week?"

Long story short - our date has been changed .. and I hadn't been told. Lucky I rang or I could have been sitting in the caravan with relations and friends next Tuesday wondering why the lorry wasn't there!

I was then told we'd been moved to the 17th March. Fair enough you say - unless you live in Ireland - when you know it's St Patrick's Day and NO work gets done on that day.

So, after I pinched myself enough to be sure it wasn't just a bad dream, I rang back, 'cos, as I suspected Scandinavian Lars hadn't twigged of the importance of March 17th. He hadn't.

So, as it stands I don't actually know when we get our house.

If only I drank alcohol- it would be time to sink a large one. (Never mind - Sam can have one for us both).

Well, I suppose it would be silly to have thought we'd get away without any hitches on this build.

So now our timings for studding out, roofing etc are all out of whack. Oh dear.

Lets hope that tomorrow things look a bit more promising.

We'll still go down to site next week as the groundworks team are back digging some ditches - but it will be very strange - after having the 3rd of March in my head as THE DAY for nearly 5 months now.

Think I'll go sort organise my seeds (in order of when to sow) to cheer myself up.


  1. I'm sorry! You poor thing! Nothing ever goes to plan when your trying to pull together that many things, but it still is gutting! Especially when you just want to move into your home. You seem to be taking it really well - keep your chin up, it won't feel as long as you think until your in

    Linzi x x x

  2. For some reason you can't leave a comment on your latest blog! Only a few more sleep nights to go now till you get to sleep with your own roof over your head!!!! Whey hey!!! Thanks for you advice on the broccoli, raised the propagator and it seems to be a bit better! Roll on the summer!!!!

    Stove looks very posh!!! x x x


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