Friday, 27 February 2009

Getting back on track

Things are starting to get back on track after the 'wobble' earlier this week.

Our house is now set to arrive on Tuesday 10th March - so it's only to be one week later (better than two!) thanks to Lars sweet talking the lads in the factory in Sweden.

Our new stove is ready to collect and go down to site once the shell is up (see pic).
We'll be using it straight away to help dry out the concrete - so it will be nice and warm in there from the outset. Generally, it is really there for use in winter and a 'back up', for times when we have been away and thus the house may be cooler than usual. The house is 'near passive', which means that most of the space heating comes from heat we create in the house (the fridge, cooker, bathing, breathing!). The heat recovery ventilation system (HRVS) means that this heat stays in the building and is used to freshen the incoming air. Thus, the house is , well insulated, well ventilated and warm. There is also very low energy underfloor heating which gives a very low level heat. It takes a while for the heat to filter through, so the wood burning stove is great if we've been away and want some instant heat. Once lit, the HRVS then spreads the warmth evenly throughout the house - so I'm led to believe. I really am looking forward to the idea of all the rooms being an even temperature (rather than the room with the fire being warm and others very cold).

Also, I believe that our well is being drilled today. Fingers crossed that they hit water early on (and it doesn't have to go to deep...deeper = more expensive). They'll let us know on Monday.
Then we have to set up a pump. There is no mains water or group water scheme on our road, so a private bored well was our only option.
It will be great, as we've been bringing water down to the caravan in 5litre plastic bottles - and it is amazing how many you get through in a day (we usually use at least two) - with washing up, making tea, washing ourselves - and things like making hot water bottles .. and setting up the camping toilet).
Mind you, we'll have to wait until after the shell is up to get the pump fitted - as the team need clear areas of ground to build the roof - and we'll need to build a pump house for the pump, or is it the pressure vessel?(It all gets a bit technical for me). Anyway, we'll still be bringing water in bottles until mid March at the earliest.

My strawberries arrived yesterday and are heeled into three large pots, waiting to go to site in a couple of weeks.Think I'll try them in the polytunnel. I'm tempted to do them in guttering or on suspended shelves, to keep them away from pests. We did some here in beds last year and they got quite badly nibbled. I blame the straw mulch - it was a haven for slugs.

Haven't got round to sowing any seeds yet - but did get some rootrainers to ready myself.

I'm still deciding on the polytunnel. Will check the size on the plot next week and then go for it.


  1. Ferris be careful with strawberries in the polytunnel. I had them in the greenhouse one year and got marvellous leaves. Fruit not so good. They need some cool air. Lovely to see your pictures. Rosaleen

  2. Hi Guys well done on getting the upstairs in! amazing. we could come up to help easter weekend if you like let us know. by the way I hear hanging baskets are a great way to stop strawberries getting slugged you just have to feed them with tomatoe food to give them the extra food they can't get from the ground.
    lots of love millyxxx


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