Monday, 5 April 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter. After days of crazy weather, including heavy rain, storms, snow, heavy frost and freezing winds, it was a great relief to have a fairly mild and sunny day yesterday.

We thought we'd better 'make hay while the sun shines', so ventured outdoors to continue to work on my aunts garden, clearing the overgrowth by the front of the house.

Sam was first out, shovel in hand, getting rid of the grass that is always attempting to take over the drive.

He cleared almost the whole frontage of the house - aided by the dedicated team of chickens!

I worked on clearing the old borders and ended up doing more archaeology than gardening. Here we've unearthed an old concrete slab that we think was a stand for the water butt many many years ago.

Here is the old edge to the border that was hidden under the encroaching grass and brambles. It was fun to 'discover' the edging. I've never been on an archaeological dig, but feel now that I've had my own equivalent.

Here are the chickens (and a duck) helping with the cleanup operation.

It wasn't an easy task though and we filled many a wheelbarrow with grass, brambles and saplings of ash and sycamore that were hard to dig up.

We also dug up a lot of pieces of brick - I'm sure we'll get to re-use them somewhere.

Everyone enjoyed the sun and the adventures of the day including the ducks ..

.. and our supervisor, Leo the cat.

Hopefully, I'll get out again today to tackle some more brambles and grass!

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  1. Hi Ferris~~ NICE JOB! I love unearthing "treasures" especially ones that can be reused in the garden. The earlier stone edging will be very useful to delineate garden from street, something I was thinking I'd want if it were my project. I'm a cat person and Leo, I must say, is just a Prince! And I love the ducks and chickens too.

    The razing of the poly tunnel ["hoop house" as we call them] is just heartbreaking. My condolences!


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