Friday, 30 April 2010

Oh Dear

Well, this blog is our warts and all account of our adventures in our field. This post tells of one of our wartier moments.

Unfortunately, this Monday we had a rather nasty adventure, well Sam did.

We were down checking over the site, Sam doing some mowing and myself sorting out the old tunnel area (we're still not able to resume the build so were busying ourselves with other stuff) when Sam had a bit of mishap with the lawnmower and we had a serious trip to the Accident and Emergency of the hospital.
I won't go into the details - a bit gory and long winded, but the whole experience has left Sam with quite a bit less of his right hand ring finger than previously and some injury to his right hand little finger also.

We're still in a bit of shock really, but he's come through the surgery well and is determined to be back playing music as soon as humanly possible.

I must say a huge thank you to Kim and Alistair for looking after Sally and for driving us from Cavan hospital to Drogheda hospital (so Sam could see the surgical specialists) and to Milly and Tony for putting us up in Drogheda and recusing the van. Thanks also go to everyone who saw the ambulance and was concerned and to all friends who have sent good wishes and healing. Thank you all.

Here's hoping that next month will bring some better luck and that by this time next month Sam will be well on the road to recovery .. and that we might even have our planning through.

Here is a picture of himself smiling through his adversity!

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  1. Hi Ferris~~ OUCH. There have been so many close calls for me. I'm glad Sam isn't any worse and that he's taking it in stride. Scary!


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