Thursday, 20 January 2011

This is on my mind ... a dog.

This dog is on my mind (this is usually a Friday theme, but I'm early, as this is so fresh and large in my mind).

This dog is a stray. I think he's been in the area for a while, but used to be very scared and would run off. A couple of days ago I saw him outside the front door and I gave him a bone and then just sat on the step and watched him.
He came over and put his head on my knee - looking up at me with big brown eyes.
He's a very affectionate dog (and every time I open the door he appears, wagging his tail and he follows me round .. and even tries to herd the ducks).
I am moved by this creature, with his big loving eyes and gentle nature. Part of me wishes that I could keep him, but it's not possible.

So, after checking locally I made the decision to ring the dog warden, who picked him up today.
I am crossing my fingers and toes that he either is lost and gets re-united with his rightful owners, or, if he is abandoned, that he gets a loving home asap. (I'm hoping that as he is so friendly that he WILL get a home ... sometimes - hopefully rarely - if dogs are not re-homed they get put to sleep). It is the right thing to do - he needs a proper home.

It breaks my heart to see animals, like this sweet dog, abandoned, mistreated or unloved.... and it amazes me to see how this dog, despite his hardships, still trusted enough in people to come close to me and how much love their was in those big brown eyes of his.
I don't think I'll ever forget him.

P.S. If anyone in Northern Ireland, would like to rehome this dog, he will be available to be rehomed in five days time (they leave five days for the owner to come forward before rehoming) from the kennels in Downpatrick.


  1. He is lovely. My old girl was from the SPA, the French version of the RSPCA. Difficult decision for you to make.

  2. Thanks Sue, he is lovely - and it was probably the hardest decision I've ever had to meet .. but it just broke my heart to see him at the door every morning and whenever I went out, looking up at me with such love, when I couldn't properly take him on. Lets just say that a few tears have been shed and prayers are being sent out that he does ok.

  3. I hope the shelter is no kill. I'm sorry he couldn't stay with you. He has such expressive doggy eyes. And the herding instinct....he will make someone an excellent pet and companion. I wish I were closer!

  4. Awww Ferris what a cute fellow. Too bad you couldn't keep him :-(

  5. Hello Ferris I have had the same experience with a cat I had to make a very hard decision. It is a very cute dog.I wrote about it on my blog. B

  6. what a beautiful old boy, Ferris. It's so sad to see what some people do to animals. I REALLY hope he finds an owner who will love him.

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone. This has been a really emotional experience for me.
    Part of me really wanted to take him in myself, but I knew that, really, it doesn't work for us to have another dog right now ... no matter how much I want to see him safe and loved, I can't commit to owning him in our present circumstances.
    After bonding with him it was incredibly hard to part with him, but, he deserves a great home where he will be loved, get attention and good care and have fun.
    I just have to trust that he will get that.
    He's far to lovely and appreciating of company to be roaming and stray.
    I'm trusting that he will get to be rehomed, as he is young and friendly, BUT, the pound is not guaranteed no kill Mary. That made it a really tough decision, but I think they only put down dogs that couldn't be rehomed e.g. very aggressive.
    Legally, I was bound to tell the dog warden. Even if I had brought it to the vet, to get it checked for an identity chip, they would have been obliged to keep it and have the pound pick it up.
    If he is chipped and has owners - he could be back with them very soon .. but I really suspect he was abandoned.
    Thats how we got our cat, Elvie, who came to our door here in 2008.

  8. He certainly looks like a sweet and loving dog. I am HOPING that the best happens for him.


  9. What a beautiful dog! I hope he finds a home quickly.

  10. What a difficult decision. Here at our SPCA they never put animals to sleep even if it takes a long time to rehome them. Unless they have some illness that can't be treated. I hope he finds a home soon!

  11. Thank you, everyone, for your supportive comments and hopefulness for the future for this sweet dog.
    I really do believe that it helps to be hopeful and I'm imaging the dog in his new home, happily living his new life .. every positive thought helps, so thank you.

  12. He is gorgeous! Wish I was close enough to take him.

  13. he's wearing a collar, so maybe he's just lost. hope his owner finds him soon!

  14. He looks like such a sweetheart! I can understand why this was so difficult for you. But usually a dog with a sweet disposition finds a good home. And in the meantime he'll have a safe place to sleep and food to eat. :)

  15. I would take him if I lived in North Ireland!

  16. Just looked through your blog from start to finish and am desperately sorry for all the trouble you have had. I hope this year goes much much better for you.
    I will keep watching!

  17. Hi Lilymarlene. Thanks for stopping by. Do keep watching, as work may be in progress again soon.

    I'm glad you liked the polytunnel. I've just checked back on my old posts and realized that I didn't have many pictures of it when in was in full jungle mode that summer. It really was quite incredible.

  18. Stephanie, Dmarie, Mrs J, professors wife and John thanks for your comments and concern.
    I'm going to ring the kneels to check on the dog tomorrow - and I'll let you all know how he is.

  19. I checked back in with the kennels today. The dog wasn't chipped and nobody has come forward to claim him.
    The lady at the kennels says that he is friendly and so she hopes he will get a home.
    Mind you, they aren't able to keep dogs for very long. I may get in touch with some local rescue groups and see if one of them would take him on, if nobody wants him.
    So, keep all your fingers and toes crossed for him and keep the vision of a positive outcome strong.


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