Friday, 25 March 2011

This is on my mind - Water

In need of a pick me up earlier, I decided to explore the images created by Dr Masaru Emoto. He took pictures of water crystals from different environments and pictured their 'response' to different factors - such as words and music. The pictures are exquisite and the whole subject fascinates me. There are pictures of his work here.

Inspired, I'm off to write loving words on my water bottles and contemplating writing them on my watering cans .. and maybe the tank from the well.

Of course, we are over 70% water ourselves, so it was a good reminder to positively influence my own 'watery realms' .. and it gave me that pick up I needed.

(This is on my mind is a Friday theme from Rhonda at Down to Earth. What's on your mind this Friday?)


  1. Those pictures truly are amazing.:)

  2. There are also theories about the memory of water. I suffered greatly from geopathic stress at our last house, due to underground streams, so have a strong awareness of effects of water.

  3. I'm glad you liked the pictures Mr H and Becky.

    Bridget - the effects of water can be strong. I know that Dr Emoto did great work with polluted water - in transforming it and purifying it through blessing / word and prayer.

    I wonder if such work could reduce negative effects from underground streams?


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