Friday, 20 March 2009

And the award goes to ....

Well, fancy my surprise when I find myself with a wee award for my blog. Thank you very much Linzi for such high praise and for following our progress, let alone waiting out my recent internet-less times).

Being an awardee I now have instructions to pass on an award to five other blogs I like.
Here goes (remembering that I'm having enough trouble remembering my name right now, let alone remembering what blogs I like).

First up is Sallygardens Smallholding, right here in Leitrim. I went to visit Rebecca and Dan there (and even enticed them to our shell warming) and it is a great place, as well as a lovely blog of life on a smallholding. Do check it out.

Next up is Linzi's Patch. I like following her progress as she takes on the joy of gardening up in Northumberland. I think hers was one of the first blogs I subscribed to - and it made blogland feel like a very friendly place.

Now, it's been a a while since I've been online and following blogs (not that I've been a blogger for long either) so I'm a bit hazy from here on in.

A quick check out there brings up Rainbow Chard an organic allotment in Norwich. I love following the pictures and seeing what's growing - and what the allotment is like.

Veggie patch also springs to mind. Another great record of the gardening year.

Last but not least is vegetable kingdom. Another great insight into someone's veg growing antics - and with great pictures too.

Now, as my memory returns more great sites start springing to mind, such as gardening tips, live to garden (more fab pics) and squishy feet. There just aren't enough awards to go round!

Best go now - and check out how all the plants up here have been doing whilst I've been in Leitrim.

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