Thursday, 19 March 2009

Pictures - at last .. here is our house

At last, a moment of internet connection. So, as promised, here is the picture guide to the week when our house arrived and was erected to make it's mark on the landscape - and in our lives.

We had a fun start (all before 7am!) when the lorry nearly came off the road. Here it is leaning precariously - we are out of shot with fingers firmly crossed that our house wouldn't end up in the ditch. Luckily, it didn't .. and the crane helped the lorry get back on even ground.

One of the first things to get put on the pad - the loo!

The ponies watch from a safe distance.

The lorry safely on the drive, being unloaded - revealing roof trusses and interior wood (the house walls are still under the green tarp)

Me, delighted to have the house so near.

The walls of the house .. and Sam in the background.

The big moment - the first wall is ready to land.

First wall in place - as long as that guy keeps a good hold on it!

Full view of first (west facing) wall.

Second wall is flying in now (south facing)

The rest of the south face comes to join it.

Hey presto - the south face.

Now it's the north face swinging into place.

Now the east face - the final wall.

The house has now officially landed.

At this point we took a little trip out. By the time we came back (only an hour or two later) the west facing gable was swinging into place and the roof trusses were up!

Here's the view from the front (north face). Sally is surveying her new house. We hope that she approves.

Now, still day 1 (honest) the lads are ploughing ahead and getting the roof on (wood, felt then lath - boards). This is the south face.

Day 2 (well, even superhero workers needed a rest) they are busy on the north face of the roof.

They almost make it look easy.

Suddenly, it's done. One roof, up and weathertight (for 4 weeks max - then we need to tile / slate it)

Inside are all the materials that we'll be needing when it's our turn to play superhero builders.

Here's the inside of the roof - gorgeous or what? (pity we have to cover it)

We had great dry weather while the house went up, but it was very wet beforehand, so the concrete is still wet in places.

Here we see down the length of the house from the downstairs bedroom all the way across to the kitchen.

Now the roof edges have been neatly boarded.
This week, in an unprecidented few days of glorious sun, Sally the supervisor has a crafty snooze - as we move wood around.

Here are some of my lovely plants, gifted to me at our shellwarming party last Sunday. We have rhubarb, raspberry, chamomile, mint, clary sage, thyme, lavender, chives and lemon balm. What a great way to start a garden.

The fruits of our fist day's labours - wood moved from the middle to the edges, so we have clear space to put up partition walls. (I think I may be quite muscley once all this is done!)

More wood - the tall pile is where our kitchen counter will be.

Well, that's all for now. Fingers crossed we'll sort proper, regular internet access this week - so we'll be back to more frequent updates (you really don't know just how much I've missed blog and internet land). I'll catch up some more tomorrow - for now I have a bed to go to (as somehow those muscles are tired after a day humping wood about).

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  1. Wow!!! It looks amazing!!!! So pleased for you! x x

    Didn't realise you had to do all the work inside! My God your brilliant!!! Hope its going well and starting to feel really homely for you!!

    Cant' wait to see more pics!!!

    Happy belated St Paddy's day by the way!!!

    Linzi x x x


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