Tuesday, 10 March 2009

We have lift off ... and set down!

Yes, it's offical - the shell arrived this morning on the back of a HUGE lorry and already the four walls are up. We've had glorious sunshine today - perfect weather for it.
It's all VERY exciting and the team are great.

Will post pics whenever I manage to get some uploaded (am in the local library so unable to upload yet).

Best get back to site and see if the have the gables up yet.

Oh - did I mention the new arrivals? .. we have a couple of ponies grazing on the field - not ours .. long story .. will tell with pictures very soon.

Next stop - the roof .. and then a bit of a shell warming methinks.


  1. Oh My God!!!!!! Wow!!!!!! So pleased for you!!!! Can't wait to see your pics!!! Congratulations hon, its about time!!!

    Missed you last week, so you have to get internet as soon as the roof is on!!! haha

    Linzi x x

  2. HI Sam and Ferris
    it sounds soooooo exciting. What a brilliant adventure.Very inspirational. You got out of England just in time!!

    We watched Grand Designs a couple of weeks ago and they featured a ground ship in Brittany just up the road from our house. Now I just want to chuck it all in and move out there.
    Can't wait to see the pics.
    Take loads of care both


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