Friday, 10 December 2010

This is on my mind ... my house

I'm thinking of our half built house in County Leitrim today.

We're still waiting to sort out the planning issue (all spiraling from a wrong location map on the permission we bought with) which means we are still waiting to resume building. Its been over 14 months now since we had to down tools.

I miss my house. We're currently living with relatives nearly a three hour journey away from site, so we don't get down too often to check up on things. It looks very bare in the photo above - I long for it to look loved and lived in.

I'm still dreaming of good times ahead, when we'll be lovingly completing our build and able to properly tend the garden again. I think often of our house and land, waiting patiently for us to return, yet mostly on my mind today is the sustaining thought of us having a home of our own again.

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  1. Ferris, your house looks lovely so far. I hope it is all sorted out soon.

  2. Hello Ferris, how frustrating and sad that you can't be enjoying your home. I hope the problem is resolved soon. Have a happy Christmas, love. Thanks for taking part in this.


  3. Thanks for dropping in Claud and Rhonda Jean.
    This post has helped remind me to be positive and see the best of things.
    It will be wonderful when we can get back to our build - and it's already great to have our land and to have got started on the house.. and to have had a great summer in the garden last year growing our own food.
    We're also lucky to have a welcoming place to stay while its all being sorted .. and in the long run we'll have a great energy efficient, natural and beautiful home in great place ..and did I mention the great neighbors and friends?

  4. Dear Ferris,

    I found your blog through your comment on my own--thanks!

    I'm very sorry to hear about the wait you are experiencing to finish building your home. It seems like these things happen all too often.

    My husband and I would like to eventually buy a plot of land and build a home and very large garden/very small farm. We know that it is a ways off in the future, but luckily we are young. So we know we'll eventually get our dream.

    I'm sure you will too! And I look forward to following your progress. I'm sure you will inspire us or give us ideas for our future home too.

    Your home already looks beautiful. We live in the US, but we both think Ireland looks gorgeous. We've never been, but it is one of our top choices to visit.

    Best of luck!

  5. Thanks Mrs J. for your encouragement.
    Fingers crossed that we'll be back in action in the springtime .. when we'll be sharing the journey with you all.

    We're really lucky about having a large plot - nearly 3 1/2 acres in total, so I'll have a lifetime to 'play' in the garden (which I'm looking forward to as much as being in the house).

    Good luck with your dreams too - I love your little brick edged bed by your front door... and its a great start - even if it's not a small farm just yet ;-)

    if you do make it over to Ireland ... we might even have a finished house for you to come visit.

    One step at a time


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