Friday, 17 December 2010

This is on my mind .. a well stocked larder

A Well Stocked Larder

Today I'm very appreciative that we have a well stocked larder, as the snow has come back and heavily too, so we might not be venturing out for a few days.

We were wise enough to stock up during the week (when the last snow had thawed), so now we can relax, keep warm and cook up a storm. Its great to have fresh vegetables, especially the brussels sprouts still on their stalks. We're lucky enough to have an organic box scheme locally, yet I'm hoping that by next year most of the vegetables can be home grown (last years home grown stuff, especially the sprouts were amazing).

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  1. Very wise indeed! I hope the snow is not bad :-)

  2. That looks wonderful! We get produce from a local farmer, but like you, we're hoping to be growing most of our vegetables next year. Good luck!

  3. Very nice veggies, you will be eating like kings and queens.:) I look forward to seeing your summer gardens.

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone.
    The snow is still coming, and is now deeper than I've ever seen it here before.
    I'm so glad we're all stocked up and can just relax (and put the finishing touches to our Christmas tune .. we do one every year).
    This quiet 'snow' time also gives me a chance to browse through some seed catalogues and maybe even test some old seed for viability .. so we're ready to get growing our own next year :-)

  5. Not MORE snow? Really? Well I hope you stay warm and well fed with your well stocked larder. Warm hugs.

  6. I stopped by once before but this time I'll say hello! And I wish you well with your homesteading.

  7. Hi Grace - yes, really, we have at least 6 inches of snow .. and maybe more to come. I haven't even checked the weather forecast to see if it might thaw before Christmas.

    Hi Mary, thanks for saying hello and thanks for your good wishes.

  8. Hi Ferris,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I`m enjoying your beautiful photos of your home landscape and reading about your project with the house and the land. I do hope that the recent upsets are just blips along the way and that 2011 brings you better fortune.

    I wonder if the horses have just been dumped on your land? There is a huge problem with unwanted horses in parts of the UK and in Ireland. The result of years of indiscriminate breeding, of the recession and a poor hay harvest last summer. If you cannot trace the owners, one of the horse or animal charities in your area might be able to help you. World Horse Welfare ( previously the ILPH) is very good. Even if they cannot help directly, they could probably point you towards more local help. They have a website if you Google for it.
    Best wishes, DW

  9. Hi DW, thanks for dropping by.

    Glad you're enjoying the posts.
    With the horses I think it is just the case of a rogue opportunist. They are apparently being given hay and straw, so they are being tended to.
    Its just a shame that people will do that - let them run all over my lawns, vegetable plot, reedbed etc without a care.
    I think I have a plan though .. I'll just take my fence back down - I have a feeling the owner will know in minutes .. and go find somewhere easier instead. I sure hope so.
    I'm trusting that 2011 will bring better tidings.
    Keep tuning in to find out ;-)


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