Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Yuletide Greetings and a seasonal song

Well, the festive season has started in style with the fabulous solstice eclipse yesterday morning, see previous post, and I'm getting into the festive spirit myself - getting ready to put a few decorations up .. and having mince pies for breakfast this morning.

I just wanted to say that whatever or however you are celebrating - solstice, yule, Christmas, New Year - have a good one.

Thanks ever so much to everyone who has been dropping in to my blog. I've really enjoyed blogging and following other people blogs. There's been great beauty and inspiration through following the journeys of my fellow bloggers and friends.

I really do appreciate this media for being able to connect with people, near and far.

At times like these, when the weather means travel is best limited its a real treat to have time to catch up with you all and to have made some new friends too.

Also, I'm glad to say that I have some good news to report. A report came from a neighbour that the horses have finally been removed from my land and garden and ... finally ... the further information for the planners (the revised reed bed report and Environmental Assessment) have been lodged with the planners. That feels like progress to me - and just in time to give us a some peace of mind over Christmas.

Finally, our band, Nuada have, as usual, provided a seasonal musical morsel for your enjoyment. This year its the Coventry Carol, a plaintive song, with lyrics from the 1500s, with lute and recorder accompaniment. Click on the song title to go to the link or use the link below. Enjoy.


  1. The music and song was beautiful, thank you for that. Mince pie, now that is my kind of breakfast...have a very merry Christmas.

  2. Blessings to you, Ferris. I'm glad the horse situation is under control.

  3. Yuletide Greetings to you Both.

    Thank you so much for your words of support and encouragement on my blog. Always wholeheartedly appreciated. Re my allotment plot. It was actually burned down deliberately with a couple of others in a fire early this year. I gave it up then and there nd will not be returning at all. Waiting lists with the council are so long so it is very unlikely I will get another allotment plot, so for now just have to make do with the little space in my garden plot :(
    Warmest of wishes for always.

  4. Hi Grace - it's a great relief about the horses alright.

    Mangocheeks - thanks for stopping by. I love all your recipes and your blog. Sorry to hear that your allotment fire was deliberate.
    I know, from having my garden and tunnel in Leitrim and now being away from it for over a year how hard it is when you have a good set up and then its gone. On the positive, as I keep reminding myself, you can grow a lot in small spaces and even in containers and windowsills, so all is not lost.
    I wonder if there are any local community garden schemes near you - or even neighbors that have a spare area in their garden that you could use ... I'm ever the optimist ;-)


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