Monday, 13 April 2009

A nice week for ducks

It's been a VERY wet week here in Leitrim. I can't actually be sure if ducks have been enjoying it, apart from today - when we finally got our two khaki campbell girls. Even they weren't convinced of the merits of a cold, soggy day and stayed in the chicken coop (seen here hiding in the still to be divided nest boxes). Sam wanted to do the same (but in the caravan rather than the chicken coop - I think), but we had to put the finishing touches to poultry paradise - i.e. the electric fencing, so we got rather wet - and I looked very silly cutting the grass with scissors - so it doesn't short out the electric fence.

Here is poultry paradise (on a dim Leitrim day).

Here's our home made duck feeder (made from guttering )


Sally is not impressed that she has to stay OUTSIDE the run!

There's been LOADS more going on, which I'll have to prattle on about later, as our new (and greatly appreciated) internet connection is very, very slow out here and by the time I get a few pictures loaded and up, get connected and write a few lines the laptop is running out of power! Mind you, it's better than nothing - and is a great cure for my previous over addiction to the net (the buzz just isn't the same when a page takes several minutes or more to load - amazing how the 'need to know' diminishes with time taken to find out).

Anyway, I'll try again tomorrow, put up some more pics - and confess my great seed disaster. Who knows, the ducks may even venture outside by then.

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