Saturday, 4 April 2009

spuds and studs

The highlights of this week have been spuds and studs.

The studs were happy to pose for photoes (as were the lads - they'd been waiting all week to be 'studs'). This is the start of our first internal - stud - wall. Very exciting for us.

Here are my spuds in builders bags - very exciting for me. I'd been chitting them for ages and even though it's good to wait unti after the frosts I felt I had to plant them out. Mad as it is I'm not planting anything in my3 acres of ground yet - I want time to improve the soil and decide where to put things - so it's container planting for now, hence the builders bags (filled with a fix of compost and soil).

Here is the stud wall further along - I think the lads had gone for a well earned cup of tea.

There's lots more been happening. The lads have been plastering the ceiling, finishing the chicken house and generally being very productive. More pics tomorrow.


  1. Looking good mrs!!!! Can't wait to see more pics on how you have been getting on! Must admit, was a bit worried for you when Sam couldn't get the shed to van ratio right, but he seems to be getting on better now! haha Lucky the boys are so handy x x

    What type of ducks are you getting? Your not mean at all having a paddling pool for them - they destroy everything!!!! And don't let anyone tell you any different!!! Rabbit fences don't even work as protection cause the damn things can move on land, water and air!!!! Monsters!!!! But they do look so cute waddling around.

    Was thinking about one of your last posts, and it must be strange for you that things are finally happening. Hadn't thought of that aspect of things for you. Isn't it amazing that all the planning in the world cant account for the questions that pop up when you are actually doing things, and that instant answers just have to be arrived at? You must have been savouring the planning for so long and now, crash bang your in the middle of so much chaos!!!! Bless you!!!

    Loving the potato growers!!! Fantastic idea!!!

    Linzi x x x

  2. Hi - will get more pics and an update up today - honest.

    It is wierd 'doing it' rather than planning it. Sometimes I forget there weill be a house at the end of it I get so caught up in the moment - but it's great when I remember!


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