Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Oops - the great seed disaster.

Rememeber those seeds I started germinating in my neighbours airing cupboard? Well, I left them for 7 days .. and this is what I found.

They're just a tad leggy!!!
Now, I should really, in a sane universe, scrap them and start again - but - I'm not in a sane universe, so I've put them in some root trainers and I'll see how they do before condemning them to be duck treats (the surplus and really far gone one's have already met that fate!).

The ducks are settling in nicely and have ventured out of the coop (with assistance) and are happily quacking around their enclosure.

Sally has been SITTING ON the electric fence line at the bottom - getting shocked but not actually  bothering to move. We hope Mr Fox isn't so ... hairy!! Sam checked it to see if it was working and it is - with spectacular results on humans.

Sam is also 'quacking' at the ducks, which calms them. I am trying to quack and failing quite well, but it makes me laugh (ducks have probably realized by now that they have left the land of the sane - but we're assuring them that it's MUCH more fun here.)

By the way - it's sunny today - at last. Makes a huge difference.

P.S. Our new internet is one of those mobile 'broadband' thingies. Although it is snail speed at home, it does actually work well the closer we get to civilization, so today's posting has come courtesy of a trip to 'town'.

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