Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Wonderful weather and a great new view

The weather has been great for the past few days, which is very lucky as we’ve been cutting great big holes in the roof to put in the velux windows. Sam was very nervous about it but eventually plucked up the courage to give it a go - brave lad.

Here he is in action having cut the first hole in our lovely roof.                                                                                      


Sam got them both in over the weekend (with a bit of help from a neighbour to get the glass in – as yours truly point blank refused to be responsible for ‘helping’ with that) and we were amazed at the great views we have from them. Try as I might I can’t get any pictures that do it justice, but trust me, they are fab.


The ducks have settled in really well and love the new duck pool (a cheap storage box sans lid), seen in blue.


Their latest trick is to run from under the chicken house to the pool, have a quick dip, then run back under. Sam thinks they really LOVE me, as they follow me about (and laugh when I can’t catch them at bedtime). I’ve spent time everyday wiring the outside of their enclosure for extra fox protection and they follow me around as I work. I’ve taken to singing to them (well, who can resist a captive audience) – watery songs of course – and they actually seem to like it .. or at least haven’t developed their art critic faculties yet.


Sally won’t go down there now, as she got a blast of the lecky fence – turned up high – on her nose and was very unimpressed.


The roof is going up this week but all else seems to be on the long finger. I am determined to sow more seeds today and the polytunnel is rumoured to arrive sometime next week. There’s even talk of duck tractors and compost heaps manifesting out of thin air. We shall see.


  1. Ferris here again - sorry to hear that some people are having problems posting comments. I've checked the settings and they all seem ok, so I'm not sure what to do next - but I'll keep trying please keep trying to post those comments if you want to .. and hopefully I'll have it sorted soon.


  2. Do they like No Mermaid? haha Sorry haven't been online much, and cant believe how you have got on!!! Sam must be a dab hand with a stanley knife now! x

    It all looks fab! Bet it really feels like home now! And your a celeb now too featurin in your local paper!!! x x

    Don't fall for the ducks and let them roam your land - they will so take the mick and eat everything pretty and useful!!! So wish mine liked weeds!

    Your polytunnel will be so cool! Bet you cant wait. Im dreaming of one even more than im dreaming of smoking!!! Your right about leaving things until later. Think next year I will leave it for a lot longer to sow seeds too.

    Talk to you soon lovely,

    Linzi x x x

  3. Hi Linzi, nice to have you back.

    Sam is indeed a dab hand by now.

    We're dab hand at the local media thing now too - we've even been on the radio playing our music.

    The house doesn't quite feel like home yet - there is still so much to do - but we love it all.

    Fab that you are still off the smokes - well done you.

    Best go do a new post now I'm online!


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