Sunday, 15 May 2011

Happy cat, happy me :-)

Elvie has found his new favourite place - on the chair in the greenhouse (which was also the chair in the polytunnel - which he loved).

Its good to see him happy, as he didn't settle as well as Leo at first, but he is doing better now and is getting more confident again.

So, that makes me happy - but theres something else that has really got me grinning yesterday ... broadband!

Yes - I have the new broadband - and its a vast improvement - so I'm delighted - all hail the National Broadband Scheme :-)

So, now I can blog from site (as long as I have some laptop battery - which I'm nearly out of today - so I'll be QUICK).

Last week we pulled wires through the upstairs walls.

This week Neli is over from England, so work goes on a pace - they're insulating walls upstairs and ready to put the other side of the plasterboard on already.

The garden has been a bit neglected - and there is a LOT to do. There's the mint to tame ..

Spuds are coming up well.

We got the windbreak net up.

The ducks have been hunting slugs in the straw mulch in the wet weather. (There has still been a little bit of slug damage to some plants, so I'm unsure whether to continue with the straw mulch)

I'm still hardening off some plants too.

There are also seeds to sow for the flower border - which is still in poor condition, so I need to get at that, so I can get seeds sown in may.

Battery low - time to say goodbye.

I look forward to having mains electricity so I can catch up with all my friends here in blogland and see you (and your gardens) are all doing.

Won't be long now - a few weeks maybe.


  1. Ferris - everything is looking great and yeaayyyy for broadband! Mr. Elvie looks very content in his chair, please give him a little scratch behind the ears from CC and I. Enjoy the gardening :-)!

  2. I love watching your progress! You have been hard at work and it looks great! Your kitty and ducks are super cute, too. :)


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