Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Work cracks on a pace here - and as we've the gennie running, I thought I'd give a quick update.

We've been doing the last of the structural bits inside - both are storage areas.

Yesterday was the larder / pantry - vital for storing all those home grown veggies :-)

It was packed full of cardboard - but on Sunday that was lifeted and deposited down the field .. to mulch the spot where the polytunnel will ressurect itself in the not too distant future.

So, once it was cleared the lads got it studded out (its amazing how many decisions there are to make - exactly where to have the door - what size of door etc .. it can all get a bit mind boggling after a while - and it all needs to be done quickly .. no time to ponder. I'm sure I had it all figured out at one point .. but it feels a bit like decision making from scratch).

Then they got it insulated (there's an air vent in it that runs to the outside - so the larder stays cool ... but we don't want that cold air to easily get into the warmth of the rest of the house).

Now its ready for taping, jointing, painting, shelving .. and storing all our produce.

The pile of plasterborads is finally gone from the hall - which now looks bigger than some places I've lived in before now. Before I get too used to it, we need to put in the coat storage area.

Of course, Sally has a supervisory role.

Wasting no time (after some final decisions on size) work begins.

And it progresses as I type.

The cat flap will go into the coat storage area and I'll have a curtain up, so there can be a buffer from cold air that could come through the flap. We'll also store shoes in there. It'll be the first time we'll have a 'shoes off' policy indoors - I reckon it'll be relaxing (and it will a lot less muddy than if we didn't - especially with oiled wooden floors). The house should be warm underfoot .. and I've plans for obtaining and making a whole load of different house slippers for ourselves and guests.

We shall see.

Anyway, power is just about to be turned off again .. and I have, as usual, a lot of tidying up after the lads, cooking and sorting out to do, so best sign off for now (I dream of future times where I can leisurely browse and catch up online .. but for, now, that part of my life is still mostly 'offline' .. but at least I now have good internet connection when I do get some online time).

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  1. Busy, busy, busy. Worth it though, so much has been done. I'm sure the long evenings are a good help. Not too long now until Solstice.


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