Thursday, 5 May 2011

Rooms upstairs and greenhouse outside :-)

Its been all go on site lately. The 'dream team' re-assembled - as our wonderful helper re-appeared for a few days - and the results were wonderous .. not least the fab structure seen to the left here .. but more on that later.

First up was the plasterboard on the stud walls upstairs. The pile of plasterboards downstairs is rapidly dwindling .. which is somehow very exciting.

Now the stairs are boxed in - luckily there's light from the veluxes up top AND the window at the bottom, so it doesn't feel dark.

The veluxes look great now.

Here's the view into the study / guest room .. from the landing / library. Its fun to have the doors in place already.

Heres the current view of the veg beds from the study .. they're shaping up well.

As its been so dry, I've left the straw mulch on some of the beds that I'm not ready to plant out yet, and I've spread it over the earth paths - to stop weeds. Its a thin layer - too thin for slugs, I'm hoping. Not sure if I'd have tried it if the weather had been very wet. Its been warm and dry for 3 weeks now (the rain just came tonight).

I seem to have a 'self-seeded' Sally dog on the front straw bed...she likes the feel of it!

Here are the peas, settling in.

The broad beans are flowering well.

The garlic is enjoying the heat.

Actually, the past few days have been VERY windy - from the east / south east mainly .. so the plants have had a hard time, it was very strong, so I suspended planting activities.

Mind you, I had good distraction ... the creation of my greenhouse - from old plastic from the polytunnel and some old / mis-shaped wood.

The dream team lived up to their reputation and had this knocked out in a few well spent hours.

I'm delighted to have shelter for my tender plants, room to sow and re-pot .. and to grow on my tomatoes and peppers. Also room to shelter from showers in.

Finally, Sally got a trim, as she was wilting quite severely in the heat during the day - with her long coat. Don't you just love the bows!! (They won't last long I can tell you).

Now, while we're up North .. time to find those cats and get them down to site.

Once we're back down, is time to look at the upstairs wiring, then get the other sides of the walls plasterboarded, then tape and joint, then paint ... then maybe have a wee rest ... and potter in the garden :-)


  1. Wow it looks and sounds like everything is starting to come together there! You have a lovely garden and the greenhouse looks wonderful! Very productive!

  2. I'm glad things are coming together and everything looks great. Ms. Sally looks lovely too ;-).

  3. Love that little greenhouse. I think I need one too. Blessings.

  4. Gosh, everything is looking very civilised there. Garden looking great too. Our dogs love to crash out on the mulch, I think they find it cosy and warm.Love the greenhouse.

  5. How fantastic, so much progress - love the greenhouse, and your veg garden is beginning to look rather like that plan of yours, straw and wind not withstanding. Wonderful.


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