Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Like the pheonix from the flames ...

... she will arise again!!!

Oh yes, the lads took it upon themselves to resurrect the polytunnel frame - further down the field (out of the 'development' site) yesterday afternoon.

It'll be a while before I get the plastic to cover it and get the ground properly mulched and trenches dug .. but its lovely to see the old girl again .. I had missed her. Hopefully, she's be operational by August / September, so I can overwinter some crops .. to avoid a 'hungry gap' next spring.

Here she is, all set up and ready to go.

Really, we're too busy inside the house to do more than that right now. With visitors still here - and still happily working, it has been really busy. I've, finally, got stuck into doing the dry linings (taping and jointing) .. here's my early handiwork in the hall coat area.

Yes, thats up now.

The upstairs bathroom is boarded out now .. and the shower tray is awaiting fitting in the near future.

Theres been more doors fitted, more plasterboards put up - its been full on. We've been here most of the time for 3 weeks now - its been strange - just building - and having the 'simple' life while on site i.e. sans lecky and running water ... I spend a LOT of my time cooking and washing up and drying dishes .. but - a team needs feeding, so its well worth it. Its been strange being without mod cons for so long and away from our normal routines and lifestyle. In a way its been refreshing.
With all the focus on the house, the garden has taken a back seat and I just occasionally get time to tend to it. Still, its doing well and the plants are growing well .. and the weeds are slowly being cleared. (I've put white plastic over areas where I'm going to plant out very tender crops, such as sweetcorn or french beans or courgettes).

The paths are still being mulched with straw - and the outer ones topped up with gravel, so its starting to look a bit neater now.

There have been some fierce winds lately - that have been blowing the windbreak netting over !!! A few taps with a sledgehammer has helped keep in in place. I'm hoping that it keeps the worst of the gusts off my plants. Its also been very wet, but the plants don't seem to mind any of that.

Neil goes back to England on Saturday and I have a feeling that we might just have a day or two off 'building' to rest up and come back to the build refreshed next week.

Battery is running out -so I'll sign off for now

(I'm still looking forward to mains electric and seeing how the rest of the world is doing these days .. miss reading all your blogs dear friends XX Ferris)

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